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Conventionally, fences are meant to enclose your properties to provide you with more privacy and security. However, there are certain special types of fences that serve more complex purposes. An example of this is the guard rail.

The guard rail is a special type of fence whose use and need are dictated by the location of the property. In general, guard rails are meant to serve as limits to boundaries. Usually, these are used for roadsides. Guard rails generally serve as barriers meant to protect roadside structures and properties from errant vehicles moving at very high speeds. Hence, rather than functioning for safety and privacy, guard rails serve more for safety issues.

Guard rails stand lower than your typical fences. Moreover, a key feature of these is that they let more light through, allowing ample visibility all over the place.

Road accidents are very common. There is always risk for it whenever you are in the roads. However, the dangers increase considerably when motorists become irresponsible. Examples are situations where drivers hit the road under the influence of alcohol, or when they purposely go beyond speed limits.

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During these mishaps, it is not only the driver and the passenger of the involved vehicle that is harmed. Other motorists on the road and even the people and properties on the side of it can be affected when the vehicle spins out of its lane.

If there are guard rails in place, further damages can be mitigated. A good guard rail can stop the movement of an advancing speeding vehicle. Moreover, a stable guard rail can prevent the vehicle from changing directions.

The Bakersfield Fence Company offers many guard rail materials from the cheapest and most basic ones to the toughest and priciest. We offer three-strand cables, wood, and steel guard rails.

If you need a fence contractor for your guard rail needs in Bakersfield, our number is 661-475-8961.