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Cedar Wood Fence Installation Bakersfield

A beautiful fence is every property owner’s pride and joy. Your taste in home exterior designs says a lot about you as the owner of either commercial or residential properties. If your aesthetic preferences center on natural and organic-looking fences, there is no better choice than the classic cedar wood fence.

Wooden fences are timeless and classic. Apart from being structures that offer privacy and security to homes and properties, wooden fences are also simple yet attractive. Moreover, they offer flexible design options. They can come in gapless privacy configurations as well as ornamental or picket fence styles. Wooden fences attest to the fact that you can properly secure you yard without making it grim looking.

Among the many types of wood, cedar remains to be one of the best choices. Cedar offers excellent properties when compared to other common wood types like pine. Pine is a fine choice, but if you want better, choose cedar.

Cedar typically outlasts most wood types. It can last for many years on a slower rate of decomposition especially when maintained well and treated properly. The wood itself is inherently hard and durable, making it ideal in resisting blistering, deformation, bending, and breaking. In contrast to other wood types, they do not need to be repainted as often.

Many people have reservations in choosing wood primarily because of the risk of termite infestations. Thankfully, cedar has natural resistance to them. Its components include oils and resins that help repel termites. Hence, there is also less necessity for use of potentially harmful substances like sealants.

To give you a better insight on cedar wood, here is a summary of its pros and cons. For pros, it is visually appealing, natural-looking, low maintenance, lightweight, and has a pleasant natural odor. However, it can be expensive and less resistant to soil.

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