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About Us

We are the Bakersfield Fence Company, a local family-owned fence installation business that caters to all your fence projects and more. Aside from top-of-the-line fence installation services, we can also provide you with hand railings for your porches, parts for your docks, kennels for your dogs, all under a high-quality customer service you will never forget.

Fences seem very simple and straightforward

On the surface, fences seem very simple and straightforward. To most people, they are nothing but the structures that surround certain places in order to enclose or secure them. Fences are very common in our daily lives. They can be found in almost all places imaginable. This includes our homes, schools, parks, playgrounds, resorts, courts, and commercial buildings.

Building a fence may seem like a simple activity. How difficult can it be to dig a hole and put up a wooden, metal, or concrete fence post in it? And how complicated can placing the fence panels be?

In contrast to what many of us may think, these tasks are not as simple as they sound. Each of these require a lot of precision and careful assessment and handling that not all of us are familiar with. Moreover, these are skills that must be learned and not all of us are capable of these. For instance, you may think that digging a hole is simple. However, in the fence installation process, specific dimensions are required. Any additional and any deficit can mean that the installation would not go well. Hence, for any fence job everyone is advised to hire a fence contractor in Bakersfield.

Fences serve many purposes

Fences serve many purposes. Their importance is specific to every property owner. The majority installs fences for purposes of security and privacy. On the other hand, there are some people who need fences solely for decorative purposes. Still others would have fences installed to serve all these functions. You may have a fence type in mind and a material of choice, but at the Bakersfield Fence Company, we can walk you through the pros and cons of each. Just call us at 661-475-8961.

Fences are even subject to regulation by state laws and city ordinances. Every fence company in Bakersfield is required to submit documents for every fence project and to obtain some permits for them. Obtaining a permit for fences is important. This can help safeguard both the property owners and their chosen fence company. Moreover, in places where there are zoning ordinances in place, the approval of the governing agency must first be secured. These zoning ordinances pertain to local rules which may have the power to limit your fences in terms of size, material, or placements.

Aside from what we have already mentioned, it is also important to note that fence also has considerable value-adding roles. One way in which fences add value to a property is by boosting its curb appeal. Fences are located mostly on the perimeter of homes, including the front of it. Therefore, it is one of the things which guests, passersby, and prospective buyers would notice when they see your property.

Your property value can increase

If your fence is well-made, properly installed, and nicely matches the beauty of your exterior, there is a good chance that your property value can increase. Hence, if you have plans in selling your property, finding a good fencing company in Bakersfield who can install a curb appealing-boosting fence can be of benefit to you.

In this regard, we, the Bakersfield Fence Company would like to take this opportunity to offer our fencing services to you.

As one of the most experienced fence builders in Bakersfield, we are confident to take on any fencing project that you will have for us. If you are a new property owner, we are willing to walk you through every step of the way from planning to installation. We can guide you in choosing fence materials, selecting fence types and many more. Moreover, we offer free estimates that can help guide your decisions about the project. if you want your free estimate now, call us at 661-475-8961.

Whatever the size of your project is, whatever plan you have for your fence, or whatever budget you have, our company committed to make sure that we can help you get the right fence for you no matter what. For instance, if you are looking for a reliable fence option that does not cost too much, we can give you recommendations like chain link or vinyl fencing. On the other hand, if you need something durable and price is not an issue, we can suggest other fence types like steel and aluminum fencing for you. If you want to know more, you may ask us so we can discuss all your options in detail.

The Material we used comes from our Trusted Suppliers

The materials we use for every fence project we handle comes from only the most dependable and our most trusted suppliers. We make sure that we check their quality prior to having them brought to your site. In this way, we can guarantee that only the best quality steel, high-grade lumber, industry-level aluminum, and many other materials will be used for your fence. This not something all fence companies in Bakersfield do.

If you are a new property owner and it is your first time having a fence installed, you may have already encountered agents for fence companies offering you their services at lower than the industry average prices. We understand how tempting these offers can be, especially when you think about how much you will be able to save. However, we encourage you to think long-term. As we have mentioned earlier, fence jobs have very narrow allowance for mistakes. Therefore, you must entrust the process to experts in the field.

Bakersfield Fence-Fence

Avoid Substandard materials

In the long run, paying for cheap fencing services at the start can cost you more. Substandard materials and subpar labor may mean you will have to spend on maintenance, repairs, and even reinstallations after. This is something we want to avoid, as much as possible.

Bakersfield Fence

Our offer comes at competitive pricing

While we may not have the cheapest services, we assure you that everything we offer comes at competitive pricing. When it comes to our services, we make sure that the price is right, while delivering quality that gives you more than what you pay for.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Other than conventional fence materials like wood and metal, newer products are available as options today. Since manufacturers and fence companies have known the weaknesses of each conventional fence type, the newer materials are meant to address these weaknesses. Hence alternative materials are meant to perform better and cost even less than those traditional items.

SimTek Fence Installation

Having a concrete wall is a great addition to your property. However, having one installed can cost a fortune. Good thing these days is that there are alternative options that can look like and even function like a concrete stone wall for a fraction of its price. This is in the form of the SimTek fence.SimTek fences are made and shaped to look like stone walls.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation Bakersfield

Metal is generally a conventional fencing material. It has been used in fence installation projects for centuries. It is highly favored because of its durability. Moreover, its properties as a metal make it very convenient to work with. For example, they can be melted then shaped when cooled. Furthermore, designs can be incorporated into the shape of the metal, making it a great option for aesthetic purposes.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes! We offer free estimates for all types of fence jobs. We know that a proper estimate is one of the most crucial determining factors of whether a project will push through. Even if the estimate is hardly ever equal to the amount payable in the actual bill, a proper estimate at the start can still give you a good idea about the rest of the project. In the estimation process, we will be considering the current costs of materials, labor hours, the needed equipment, as well some miscellaneous costs for the project. This can be delivered to you after a short visit to your site.

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

It is unusual to have a fence ordered today be available for installation right away on the next day. A waiting time of about two to four weeks must be allowed. Even if premade fences are ready to install once shipped, there is still waiting time for processing of orders. Moreover, we would still have to schedule the installation for your setting. If you are getting a fence that needs to be fabricated, you must allow an addition two or three more weeks for this. Therefore, the average time to installation is at least two to four weeks, and at most, five to six weeks.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

Unlike the waiting time prior to installation, we follow a more straightforward schedule for the installation itself. The period for the average project is at seven days. However, not all these days will be busy with digging and fence installation activities. Intermittently, there will be open days where no active work is done. Some time needs to be spared for settling the materials and letting them cure. If much cement were used, it would need days before it is stable and dry enough. This is already part of the careful planning we do and the project scheduling which is part of our services.

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

Yes, fence contractors like the Bakersfield Fence Company are required by local agencies to file for permits for every fence project we make. Generally, fence projects need to be reported and documented since they are property modification activities. Therefore, permits would be required for the project. Usually, more than one permit would be needed per project. Our company will take care of the processing, but we would need cooperation from our clients. To obtain a permit, some forms must be filled out and some documents and papers must be submitted. Some of these can only be provided by the owner of the property.

5) What types of fencing materials do you install?

Many fence materials are available for use. We at the Bakersfield Fence Company offers almost, if not all, of fence materials available in the market today. We have materials for every price segment. From the most affordable and simplest ones to the much pricier and customized ones, we have them for you. Some of the fence materials we install are chain link, vinyl, SimTek, steel, aluminum, and brick. Each of these are available in subtypes of design as well as in customized configurations. Let us know your priorities for your fences, so that we can recommend a material that would be ideal for your purpose.