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When we think of fences, most of the ones we are familiar with are permanently installed fences on the perimeters of properties. However, there also fences that are moveable and are used for limited periods of time, and only in specific places.

Temporary fences function most notably in events. Many types of events need temporary fencing and the specific type may vary. However, their need for this type of fences share common characteristics. For example, these fences should be easy to place, then removed and stored. They must be easy to transfer and can be moved elsewhere without delay.

These fences also share the common feature of being stand-alone structures. They do not need to be fitted into a post on the ground to stand. Instead, they have built in support so that they can stand stably for the purposes they were intended to serve.

There are many types of temporary fencing. Mostly, they are composed of panels of a definite span. To extend the fence, you may opt to put these panels side by side then temporarily bind them together using some couplers. Certain temporary fence types may also have some form of feet, bracing, and hand railing. In addition, some types may have some gates included.

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The materials used for temporary fences also vary. The range is wide and can be composed of traditional materials to non-conventional ones. There are options for wood, metal, chain link, wire, and vinyl.

As mentioned, temporary fences are usually found in events. In venues and pavilions, we see temporary fences when a huge ballroom needs to be divided into sections. Outdoor events are also heavy users of temporary fencing. They can be seen in parades, sports tournaments, concerts, and many more.

Construction hoarding, a type of temporary fence is used in construction sites for safety purposes. Other settings where temporary fencing can be found include parking lots and parks.

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