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Having a concrete wall is a great addition to your property. However, having one installed can cost a fortune. Good thing these days is that there are alternative options that can look like and even function like a concrete stone wall for a fraction of its price. This is in the form of the SimTek fence.

SimTek fences are made and shaped to look like stone walls. However, they contain no real stones. Instead, they are made from polyethylene plastic that has been reinforced on the inside with galvanized steel. This polyethylene compound is very durable and stable. It does not easily bend, break, or warp. Moreover, the pigmentation of the stone is applied on the polyethylene substance itself, not only on the surface. This lessens the chance of it fading.

SimTek fences are very low on maintenance. There is no need to repaint them. Moreover, they have been reinforced with anti-UV coating to prevent them from looking faded.

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Like concrete stone walls, SimTek fences can also provide an additional soundproofing factor. This makes it a suitable option for those who have properties near noisy environments.

The most popular style of SimTek fences is the privacy type. These are gapless fences which makes sure that no one can look or peep over your property. However, if you want a semi-privacy option to flaunt your landscaping or your property, this is also available. Semi-privacy SimTek fences come at half the height of typical SimTek fences. The other half at the top would be composed of iron fencing.

SimTek fences are also a good choice if you want a fence that can be installed right away. Usually, they are already premade in the factories. When ordered, they can be shipped then installed immediately. This shortens the time from ordering to installation considerably.

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