Bakersfield Fence Company

About Us

We are the Bakersfield Fence Company, a local family-owned fence installation business that caters to all your fence projects and more. Aside from top-of-the-line fence installation services, we can also provide you with hand railings for your porches, parts for your docks, kennels for your dogs, all under a high-quality customer service you will never forget.

The Bakersfield Fence Company has come a long way from our humble start off as a small home-based fence building company with a handful of crew and limited service offerings. Since starting in the year 1997, we have gradually but consistently made our name in the industry. We have successfully achieved this by never skimping on the quality services we provide for our patrons, no matter how simple or how complex the project is.

As an experienced fence company in Bakersfield, constant feedback from our customers helped our company grow and helped us improve on our services. Seeing our patrons satisfied with the new fences in their homes and properties served as inspiration for us to continue delivering the good work we have started while also leaving room for betterment.

In all the twenty-three we have been installing fences all over Bakersfield, we have seen that many different property owners have different needs and considerations for their fences. Therefore, as our company grew, we added more products and services in our catalog to make sure to make sure that we can attend to every unique need.

Our fence installation process is composed of services that are thoroughly planned from start to finish. Although often overlooked, the site evaluation, estimation, and planning phases of a project can be a predictor on how successful the project will be. Hence, as much as possible, we are determined to give our best at every chance and at every step of the way.

Honest work has been at the core of our business from the very start. Our customers are not just end-users of our services. For us, they are our partners in every project and we value their participation and opinion in every project we handle. Nothing makes us happier than seeing them pleased with the newly installed fences. Having them recommend us to their friends is a fringe benefit we never ask for, but we are happy to receive. In this way, we can extend our services to even more property owners in Bakersfield.

Aside from delivering honest work, we move forward with this along with hard work. We believe that it is not luck that brought the continuing success of our company. Rather, it is hard work combined with the eagerness to improve on what we can already do.

To us, it is always important that we look back on our humble beginnings as a small fence company. Even if we are now capable of installing many linear feet worth of tall metal fences, we still take small chain link fence projects. We handle these small projects with the same care and effort we put for larger ones.

For fence installation in Bakersfield, call us at 661-475-8961.