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Vinyl Fence Installation Bakersfield

Other than conventional fence materials like wood and metal, newer products are available as options today. Since manufacturers and fence companies have known the weaknesses of each conventional fence type, the newer materials are meant to address these weaknesses. Hence alternative materials are meant to perform better and cost even less than those traditional items.

Vinyl is one of the most popular alternative fencing products we have today. In a nutshell, vinyl is a type of plastic. It is made from polyvinyl chloride also known as PVC. A common misconception about plastic is that the material is not durable. However, an important counterpoint to this is that there are many kinds of plastics. The plastics used in vinyl fences is different from those that are made into flimsy plastic wrappings.

The plastic in vinyl fences are developed to be more durable and more sturdy such that they can outperform many fence types.

Being plastic also has many advantages. For example, it is not only water-resistant. Vinyl can sustain minimal moisture damage since it is waterproof. This characteristic makes it a very weatherable option. It can withstand heavy rain, wind, and even sunlight exposure.

Vinyl fences can perform the same functions as many wooden fences. For example, both vinyl and wood are available in privacy configurations and as picket fences. Even if they perform the same functions, one offers more conveniences than the other. For example, unlike wood, vinyl would not blister, warp, break easily, or be infested by termites.

Vinyl offers extra conveniences when it comes to maintenance. Among the fence materials we have today, vinyl is among the ones that need the least meticulous maintenance. In fact, for vinyl, maintenance is as effortless as it gets. To clean it, you would only need to hose it down.

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