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Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation Bakersfield

Metal is generally a conventional fencing material. It has been used in fence installation projects for centuries. It is highly favored because of its durability. Moreover, its properties as a metal make it very convenient to work with. For example, they can be melted then shaped when cooled. Furthermore, designs can be incorporated into the shape of the metal, making it a great option for aesthetic purposes.

Today, steel and aluminum are the top choices for many purposes, including construction and fencing. These are newer metals which have improvements over traditional metals like iron. Before the popularity of steel and aluminum, iron was the only fencing option for metal fences. They had great properties which made them suitable for this purpose. This includes toughness and durability. However, iron is very susceptible to rusting.

Unlike iron, steel and aluminum are relatively less prone to corrosion. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor applications. This includes fencing. Exposure to moisture especially in outdoor environments is among the predisposing factors to rusting. Hence, for fences which will be used outdoors, it is ideal to select metals that are not very susceptible to developing rust.

Rust is not just unsightly. It also affects the durability, quality, and integrity of the fences. Therefore, heavily corroded fences would need replacement.

Truthfully, steel and aluminum are among the more expensive fencing material options. Moreover, they can also take some time to install especially when they need to be fabricated. However, the quality and beauty that metal fences can bring makes the expenses and the wait worth it.

Aluminum and steel are very similar, but they still have differences. Steel is an alloy from iron and carbon. It is tough, heavy, and durable. Aluminum is lighter, glossier, but offers the benefit of being practically resistant to rust.  

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