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Cages & Enclosures Installation Bakersfield

Cages and enclosure are two very similar structures, with very analogous built and layouts. These structures also serve overlapping purposes. They typically only differ in terms of size. In usual terms, enclosures are wider and larger than cages.

The purposes cages and enclosures have multiple and varied. Hence, they are highly utilized for practicality reasons. Mainly, a common purpose which both have served is for storage. Both cages and enclosures are customizable for storage purposes in both indoor and outdoor applications.


The basic built of either of these is composed of wire meshes or interlinked chains. Therefore, there are small opening all over the structure. This is important as a preventive measure against moisture trapping. Moisture is always the number one enemy of stored goods. Whatever the item is, water can damage them. Having openings means there is a way to let water out.


However, for outdoor applications, weather conditions themselves may be the source of water. For these instances, it would be wise to have a roofing for your cage or enclosure.The Bakersfield Fence Company offers a wide range of cages and enclosures to choose from. We have the cage and enclosure type for your every need. We offer materials from wire and metal. For outdoor applications, we recommended galvanized steel to prevent rusting.

Here are some of the specific types of cages and enclosures we offer.

 Tools and Equipment cages

These are available in framed wire mesh or modular options for ease of installation.

Locker cages

This is usually used for school equipment or for inventory of items. These are commonly seen indoors.

Batting cage

Also known as batting tunnels, utilized for practice batting with a pitching machine. The cage keeps the balls in.

Safety enclosures

Common in playgrounds, and even industrial functions.

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